Special Bridal MakeUp Package

Special Bridal MakeUp Package

Special Bridal MakeUp

 (Full body waxing/Full body bleach+ Full face
threading + Spa Manicure + Spa Pedicure + Haircut + Hair Spa + Whitening Facial
+ Skin Polishing)  

Once you’ve chosen, be sure
to have a trial and consultation session a couple of weeks before the wedding
so you can discuss in details about what will actually be done. Your Makeup artist
should have plenty of suggestion, idea and recommendations based on the shape
of your face, hair texture, best features and wedding dress as these should all
be highlighted in the most flattering way. Our makeup artists probably been to
a lot more weddings than you, so we have a decent idea of what looks good, but
you also know you and your own style, so don’t be afraid to have input, it is
your day after all. If you have a very distinct personal style or maybe you
don’t like to wear much makeup, be sure to communicate this to your makeup
artist so they can help you achieve the best makeup. If you have any hair
accessories or a signature lip colour, be sure to take it with you to your
trial, so they can incorporate it. Take a look at bridal magazines or websites
like Pinterest to gather ideas; then you can work together to narrow down and
try some of the different styles you’ve picked out. You might find that the
style you love might not be as flattering on you as it was for them. Another tip
is to have your trial in the morning, so you can see how long the makeup or
hairstyle lasts before it starts to fade or fall down. It’s important as you’ll
want your look to last right through to the reception. Feel free to book
multiple trials if the stylist isn’t a good fit, but worth noting that might
mean paying a bit extra. Always remember to speak up if things aren’t right for
you. Our Makeup artists are certified by Javed Habib and Have a great
experience of makeup.  

Parlor point offering the
best & affordable bridal makeup for every bride.

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