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HD Makeup

HD, or High Definition, makeup is what we usually we see people wearing on our TV’s and the big screen. Precision cameras can easily capture each and every line and crease on the face, both natural and formed by layers of makeup. HD Makeup is a technique that uses sheer makeup that hides the lines and creases and does not crease over time thus making the skin look flawless and camera ready for hours together. Most of the bride prefers HD makeup for the wedding day. Parlor Point has been great at doing HD Makeup.


What’s unique about HD Makeup?Β 

The best part about HD makeup is that it does not feel heavy and makes you look extremely natural both on and off camera. It keeps your skin looking so young and radiant for a long time. Book our HD makeup artist for your wedding!


  • Makeup: HD Makeup
  • Products: MAC, Studio, & KrylonΒ 
  • Makeup Location: at Your Venue

The package includes:Β 

  • Complete makeup
  • Hair Do (Styling)
  • Dress Draping
  • Nail PolishΒ 
  • Eyelashes
  • False LashesΒ 
  • And more

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